Monday, August 25, 2008

Aaaaaah bees!

My whole travel group have left for their giant train ride tour, I'm
all alone in this big city and am quite excited about getting some
hardcore exploring and massage-getting done.

Have had stupid retarded internetting whilst here. The country's
firewall makes it inconvenient to try and tell the rest of the world
how awesome this place is. It really is quite interesting. So far,
I've found it more of a culture shock than japan, which makes no sense
cos it's pretty similar to Brunei, where I lived for the first 12
years of my life.

Maybe I'm not cut out for proper Asian lifestyle, but I am enjoying
this experience for a holiday. Still trying to grow a thick enough
skin for some hardcore bargaining here, and to take home as a useful
souvenir. We'll see how it fares after some browsing this evening.

Trying to find the bank this morning was ridiculous. Took a wrong turn
and where I expected the bank to be, encountered a bakery, a shoe shop
and a shop with nurses wearing baby pink nurse uniforms. When I
finally found the bank, they wouldn't exchange the brunei cash I had
on me, and I ended up having to withdraw money from an ATM, which I
could have done anywhere. Garr!!

I'm at the holiday in for now, this place is lovely but what a drama
trying to get here. My Chinese sux, the taxi driver didn't speak
English and didn't know which hotel I was meant to go to. But made it
one piece and I'm so going to study the hell out of this mandarin
phrasebook I borrowed off one of the guys before they left.

My hotel is right next to a cultural center and there's a 24hr food
place behind it. Me rikey a rot. :)))

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