Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinosaur egg!

My flight to hong kong got cancelled. Oh em eff gee they didn't
announce it til after I'd lined up in the humid airport hall for what
felt like muggy ages. Just as I got to being 3rd in line, they
announced it quietly on the departures screen.

Luckily my cousin works for the airline, we got him on the phone and
he told us about the typhoon in hk. Garr!

My auntie took me shopping and eating til the airline called us back
about my rerouting. After which, more shopping and eating. There's
been a fair bit of eating.

I have to be at the airport super early for a plane today. My lovely
grandma decided to wake up even super earlier to cook me eggs.

No, not dinosaur eggs, don't be stupid.

1 comment:

Niaal said...

well at least you get a dinosaur egg and a rug to poo on. back here it's hangover o'clock, but thankfully 11pm-last-night-niaal has magically placed two iced coffees in the fridge. clever boy that.

spent last night talking a big fat angry lady down from kicking some poor guys shop window in, a polite conversation involving lots of words that start with f and rhyme with cluck.

Then politely argued in the cold for an hour with a manic street preacher as to why tigger the cat doesn't have a soul (apparently because god walks on two legs and never had ginger fur, go figure).

somewhere along the line I accidentally had eleven drinks, because now my head a splode.