Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tour 2 part 1: forbidden city

No longer forbidden after it was finally open, the grounds within the
bloody tall city walls were home to the emperor and the court.

This place is enormous, and walking through it feels well surreal and
whicked. Good feng shui or just trippy as hell cos it's 600 years old
and big? Difficult to say, but omg go visit.

It's all beautifully aligned, adorned and ordered - you can't tell how
straight the north gate is in the photo cos my camera warped it, but
ooh. I'd love it if there were holiday tours designed for designers,
so we could get talked through proper about Chinese architecture and
theory while there instead of standard tourist guff.

Heaps of people, not just foreigners but chineseys too. I wonder if
the forbidden city is somewhere locals go to hang out, just because...?

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