Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tour 1 part 3: stay away from my warr!

The great wall was built by emperor nasi goreng to keep the rabbits
out. It was also built by emperor Qin to keep the Mongolians out.

It has been reconstructed numerous times over the frickin many years.
Originally, it was made of soil bricks held together by an adhesive
made of rice soup and egg. Hehe everybody on the tour bus wigged out
when we were told this, but I suppose if papier mâché and egg tempera
work, of can't be that impossible. You'd be fuched when it rains

Emperor Qin was the first emperor of china, uniting all the warring
states in the Chinese region. The great wall was one of his major
contributions to Chinese cultural history.

Tens of thousands of people died to build the wall, a "double-sided"
issue, said our guide - while construction of the wall required such a
high human expense, it is a great factor in modern tourism, which
brings money into the country for Chinese people. Not to mention
keeping the Mongolians out all those years ago.

The wall is a big fat humid climb with heaps of cheesy touristy things
to buy for a laugh. I FINALLY found postcards worthy of sending, so
can't complain too much. :)

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