Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cost cafe

Sitting in a cosy little cafe that I don't want to type the name of in
case the national firewall picks the keyword out of context and think
I'm a political fussy person.

ANYWAY, it's my last full day here. Just bumming around blowing the
rest of my cash before airplane time tomorrow.

It's nice in Beijing. Lots of stuff to do, not the hostile
totalitarian place I was worried it would be, and I've managed to get
by for 5 days by myself with less than toddler Chinese. (with heaps of
help from mum!)

It's polluted here, it stinks when it rains, and people sound like
they're scolding each other when they're having a pleasant chat. Taxis
are so east to get (except when it's raining and you need the toilet,
of course) and I've found random free wifi in the sorts of places that
would never gave them back home.

Would recommend beijing for a holiday, yes. Especially for perthies. :)

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