Thursday, August 28, 2008


The chinese nationalities museum us right next to my hotel. It's a
massive park with heaps of historical and cultural information about
china's ethnic groups.

There are over 50(?) groups which make up the Chinese population, the
most common being the Han - ie. The "chinesey" ones that come to mind
when you hear of china.

It seems that much like America, Australia and the uk, china is what
the region has come to be known as, with a history shaped by the folk
populating it, which changes over time. Okay, that sounds really
obvious when said like that, but ive never really thought about it
that way til now; nationalism and heritage being two separate things.

Went for the best foot & leg massage after. AUD$20 for an hour. BEST.

Ate a beef... Tripe? Tendon? Noodle soup dinner after that, and
swappednew vocabulary with the girl behind the counter. What a nice
feeling. :)

Today, I'll be hitting up the forbidden city and a couple other places
on a tour. Missing home a little bit cos I'm craving a hog's breath
steak and curly fries.

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