Sunday, August 17, 2008

What I love about living with boys

I like living with boys. By that, I mean real boys, not fake-o passive
aggressive mummy's boys. Real boys; who like to get on with things, so
I can get on with things.

Today, I woke up, played some Braid, had pancakes, watched some beach
volleyball and had a nap. Then got up for a snack and played more
Braid. Tonight, we're going for giant platters of Greek food and then
some bowling. Best getting on evar.

I think I like a fairly easygoing life. I hear about share homes with
stringent rules and rosters for keeping the kitchen tidy. Seems a
little stressful for my liking. I guess you need that sort of thing if
you don't know your housemates before you move in together.

But I got to pick mine and we've been in fairly good nick so far with
our housekeeping schedules. It's nice to have a stretch of lazy days
without feeling too bad or pressured to clean up just cos someone else
cooked. A roster would be great for ensuring the place stays nearer
than it is, but I know that I for one don't notice how clean a home is
if I don't feel comfy in it.

Okay, so that's not limited to a household with boys. What I'm getting
at is that I've had a lovely chillaxed day today, and I appreciate
that I don't have to feel bad about it.

Flying off next week to sunny, humid Beijing.

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