Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sick suck

Sick. Sucks. Got the weird flu that has stupid symptoms like
headaches, face aches, everything aches and tender glands, but with no

My head is all loopy too, even before taking anything. Got the stress
and the sads from the body fatigue. Should have taken today off to
rest, but didn't cos there's a shitload to do and I already took a
sick day 2 weeks ago and thought I couldn't possibly still be sick cos
that's just stupid. WELL GUESS WHAT, IT IS STUPID. :(

Thought this morning's sore throat could be put down to last night's
saucy adventures in spring roll. Loaded up on honey today, Chinese
nutrition style - sauces like hoi sin and oyster are "heaty",
stimulating foods, which raise the body temperature; honey is a
"cooling" food, which lowers it.

I don't know if there's much stock in these ideas. One panadol seemed
to do heaps more that three honey sandwiches and a honey tea.

Time for a little nap, then dinner. Hope you are more well than I.

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