Friday, August 1, 2008

more testing of phone

went for a lovely dinner this evening. so full when we left the table but I'm all peckish again. often find that I'm still so hungry but can't eat cos my stomach physically can't hold that much food. does anyone else get this? oh well, no drama - it's a good excuse to have a big variety of little meals.

trying to figure out the most convenient and effective way to blog on the go. testing and testing... and testing.

I love blogger cos it's run by google, but there seems to be a problem with posts via iPhone that contain pictures. it shares my pictures but eats the text :( if this post works and you see a photo of a lightswitch above this body of text, then I recommend shozu until blogger fix the issue.

this posting issue would be so easy to get disgruntled about, but I for one am happy that some functionality is available. I think this partial problem is a side-effect of the organisation's adventurousness - a really cool trait that makes technologyesque stuff like this possible in the first place.

in development, there needs to be a balance between orderly system and quick practical delivery. it seems that overall success comes from that balance. a perfect system takes years to accomplish, and by then, your competitor will have beaten you to market and cheaper alternatives will have been produced that achieve the same net effect. conversely, you can be super quick (slapdash!) about delivering something, only to have it fall over. balance is key; what turns up may not be perfect, but if it works for the most part, it can afford to be good work in progress.

that said, I'm glad shozu's sense of balance about a mobile blogging product is slightly out of synch with google's, because it means I can post this entry now. :)

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